sparklewolfie (sparklewolfie) wrote in lolita_hair,

Braids Hairstyle

Yay I'm posting again! This time I am posting a style I came up with using 3 thin braids :)

This is thin braid style ribbon-shaped part-up (I just made that up as I went ahaha it needs a better name!)
I had to lighten the photo a bit because my hair is too dark O_Q
If I were to wear this hairstyle out for real, I would braid a coordinating ribbon into each braid so that it shows up better!

Here it is with a Surface Spell flower clipped in :)

This is pretty easy and doesn't take too terribly long (though the braiding does take some time @_@ hair is too long!)
It can easily be done with more thin braids, too!

Share your braids hairstyles!!
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