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27th-Jun-2011 12:07 pm - Meet-Ups and Maintaining Your Style

 You've taken time and effort into preparing your hair or selecting the right wig and accessories for a super fun meet-up. It's an active meet-up, and you're walking around a lot. AKA, your hair is definitely moving around with you.

What do you do to maintain your style throughout the day? What kind of provisions do you bring? How many times are you checking a mirror/slyly catching your reflection in shiny surfaces? (lol)

26th-Jun-2011 12:50 am - A few wig questions
I really like this wig cosplaywigsusa.com/gothic-and-lolita-wigs/detail/16-gothic-lolita-wigs/yagendoo_VaMazing_zoom2/109-blended-strawberries-a-cream-lolita-1g-sold-out
               and this one  cosplaywigsusa.com/gothic-and-lolita-wigs/wavy-lolita-wigs/detail/37-wavy-lolita-wigs/yagendoo_VaMazing_zoom2/140-wavy-medium-blonde-mix-lolita--sold-out      

I just have a few questions, ^^ since I've always been suckish at choosing and buying wigs, I've learned this after buying a few for cosplay (I feel terrible though .__. since I'm loosing some interest in it, but that's for another day and place)
How often do they restock? (< I'm going to email them about this)
Are they usually good? Like does the quality and color match up with the stock pics?
And are they worth the money? 
Sorry for so many questions ;A; 
I would just dye my hair to the shade it was when I was younger (it was very light blonde and now it's... I have no idea what this color is, it just progressively got darker and is now this weird golden, blonde, brown, hints of light ginger color.) and I have enough hair to do whatever I wanted... But it grows so fast, it's ridiculous, like at the beginning of the school year I cut it around my shoulder, and now its already a little past my elbow, it grew almost a foot and a half. So it wouldn't be worth the money. 
poupee new
25th-Jun-2011 06:19 pm - bang question!
...or fringe, for you non-americans :)

i love the look of front bangs but they are too high-maintenance for me-- as i have naturally curly hair, they really only look good on me when my hair is straightened. that's just too much for everyday maintenance (and i've found they make my forehead break out) so i grew them out.

essentially i've been looking into products that can give me bangs when i want them. like these jessica simpson clip in ones.

does anybody have any experience with these, or something similar? i'd use them mostly for loli, but if they looked decent enough, maybe casual wear as well. i'd love to hear any input.

24th-Jun-2011 10:13 pm - Natural Hair Styling

I'd like some ideas on how to style my natural hair WITHOUT tons of products or any heat styling tools (curlers and straighteners)

Currently I have very few hair styles ^^;

The most interesting one is just ribbon hair, and I only use that for special occasionsCollapse )
23rd-Jun-2011 10:03 pm - Styling for Long Hair!
I have long hair to mid back with bangs/fringe and I'm slowly running out of ideas with what to do with it! My normal hair is pigtails curled 1/2 way or all the way. I've started experimenting with the curly side pony and 1/2 curled mini pigtails as well. I don't particularly like braids for my hair but wouldn't mind some tips on how to get that french braid(?) that is right behind your bangs/fringe! I am a non-OTT sweet lolita but feel free to post for other styles as well :)

Pics!Collapse )
Cardcaptor Sakura
23rd-Jun-2011 05:08 pm - Modified Teddy bear buns
So this is angelic pretty's Joujou Pullip doll, and I'm kinda deciding whether I want to buy one myself, but that's a different community right there.

But look at those buns! They're perfectly wrapped and tucked and look so pure and clean compared to the usual twist-and-tuck or tease-and-pin-down teddy bear buns!

Teach me the ways of the Pullip hair! ; A; / 

sweet lolita
23rd-Jun-2011 05:52 pm - Styles for short hair?
I hope this isn't out of line, but I was wondering if anyone had any pictures/tutorials/suggestions for shorter hair?

My hair is about chin length, layered, with bangs in the front. Typically I just straighten it, but I'm hoping for something a little nicer for meetups and events.

No wigs or extensions, please. Thank you!
23rd-Jun-2011 04:45 pm - help finding wig extensions!
Hi girls, I'm in a bit of a pinch! See, I'm looking for some cute pony tail extensions, but I'm having trouble finding ones I like.
My problem: the ones I find are either too expensive IMO, or not in the color I want. Or too darned long! I don't want something that's 80 cm long X_X I've tried Fantasy Sheep, GLW, Bodyline, and other Taobao wig stores as well. I just can't find ones that satisfies me :C
Here are some specifications I'm looking for:
1) Has to be pure white, basically matching this bob from GLW: http://cosplaywigsusa.com/fashion-celebrity-wigs/celebrity-wigs/detail/40-bobs/yagendoo_VaMazing_zoom2/152-short-bob-white?sef=hcfp (excuse my face there, it's not my best angle XD)
2) I'm looking to buy JUST wig falls, for about no more than $30 for both falls shipped.
3) I don't want ones that are too long X_X I don't want to have to cut them too much. 
4) Pre-styled ones are preferred. I like them a bit wavy, but I can manage even if they're just straight, so long as they're heat resistant so I can try styling them myself.

So anyone got any suggestions/recommendations on where to look? 
pretty nekozawa
It wasn't until about a year into wearing Lolita that I considered wearing wigs. Even after I started to wear them, I refrained because I didn't want to look less like myself. I felt strongly this way about make-up and circle lenses too. I wanted to feel beautiful as myself and not as what I thought would be a caricature. (This is not how I felt, or feel now, about other people wearing wigs and circle lenses. It was a personal thing.) I didn't want to be afraid of the person underneath the make-up and wig. 

Over the past year, I've gotten really into wigs, (I'm a bit addicted, haha,) but the ones I wear the most are natural colors. I love having the ability to wear waist-length hair one day and a bob the next in whatever color I could possibly desire. I enjoy fantasy colors on occasion, but I do not wear them regularly. I don't want to have to wonder if my real hair is showing when I am out and about, especially on windy days.

I love seeing pictures of girls in their OTT sweet looks, and I  know they are just as beautiful underneath it all. It's just something I personally struggle with. Now that I'm delving a bit into modeling, I understand that to achieve certain looks I have to wear certain kinds of make-up, et cetera, to project an image. For a photoshoot, I can now have fun with it, and I enjoy becoming a different person for a few hours. However, it's not something I want to do to leave the house every morning.

TL;DR: I had to become secure with who I was, feel beautiful as myself, before I started embracing and wearing wigs. 

How do you feel about wigs?
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