artemiscangee (artemiscangee) wrote in lolita_hair,

I got inspired today to poke at my hair and do something a little bit different! It may look like a hot mess but I don't know since I don't really know much about hair haha

I was inspired by this picture:

With headbow!

Without headbow!

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ohh it looks amazing! great work hun! and it really suits you!
Thank you! :D
anytime :D

also CardCaptor Sakura for the win!
It looks adorable! Great job! How long is your hair when it's open?
Thank you! I have waist length hair this is what it looks like straight in pigtails :)
You did it so well! It looks super cute on you. :3♥
Good job~
Thank you! :) I hope to practice more to get them more even but I'm glad I'm off a good start!
Way cute! :D