Holly (kokoro) wrote in lolita_hair,

Cotton candy poofs!

Alright, I gotta say, I ADORE it when girls turn their curly GLW or Mintymix wigs/falls into these adorable cotton candy poofs. I'm wondering how easy it is to do, and how well the style actually stays put. You see a lot of Japanese lolitas with this kind of hair, but I've never actually seen a wig pre-styled with poofy falls, sadly.

I know the general idea is to just comb out and tease, but I'd love any tips (or photos) you have. I don't want to buy an expensive wig and then ruin it. x_x

If you haven't seen this style a lot, check out Tempest Paige's Facebook photos. She's done it to a lot of her wigs, including one of the shorter, curly brown x tan Mintymix wigs, which I am now SO tempted to do.

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