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21st-Aug-2011 03:38 pm - Short wigs!
So it has recently come to my attention that short lolita wigs DO exist! Sadly, the ones I've found require a minimum order of 20. And I don't need 20 of the same wig.

Has anyone here seen wigs like this where a minimum order of over 1 wig isn't required? T_T

15th-Aug-2011 09:03 pm - Larger curling iron?
Ok so I got a larger barreled curling iron (1-1/2 inch) to curl my hair but it doesn't seem to like my hair very much :( I've used smaller one before and that works pretty well. My hair is normally stick straight and doesn't hold curl very well but with a ton of hairspray it's possible! I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks for getting long straight hair to curl in larger curls, any curling products you can put in before hand or what kind of hairspray you use?
Cardcaptor Sakura
6th-Aug-2011 09:16 pm(no subject)
Hello. This is my new favorite summertime style for my hair. It's so pretty. I can only do it with one side of my head since my hair isn't long enough for both side. But i bet it will be even prettier when my hair is long enough for both.

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5th-Aug-2011 09:09 pm(no subject)
I got inspired today to poke at my hair and do something a little bit different! It may look like a hot mess but I don't know since I don't really know much about hair haha

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Cardcaptor Sakura
16th-Jul-2011 10:04 pm - Wig help
I recently bought a wig from Fantasy Sheep. It's like this one, just a different color and with way shorter sides: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=8709670931& I have medium length kind of thick hair and I can't keep it all in the wig. It comes out the bottom in the back and the sides even with a cap on. Does anyone have ideas of how to fix this?
14th-Jul-2011 11:28 am - Half highlighted bangs?

Hello all ^.^
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the model RinRin. The first time I heard about her was when I watched an Angelic Pretty video on youtube where she was being interviewed. But anyways, I know that the whole "hair half one colour and half another colour" is in style now, but it I noticed that the only part of RinRin's hair that is coloured/highlighted is half of her bangs. I think it looks really cute and I was wondering if any of you have half of your bangs highlighted. I'm interested to see what it looks like on other people because I might try it myself soon.

baby pooh
Can someone please tell me how to make my hair look like this? I think it is the cutest lolita hairstyle out there, but i have no idea how to do them.

My hair is shortish it's past my shoulder by like 1 and a half inches, it's very straight. It has some sort of thing with gravity so i need to use a whole can of hairspray to get it to stay curly.

Thank you for the help!
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I have some questions for you~

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3rd-Jul-2011 03:18 pm - Cotton candy poofs!
Alright, I gotta say, I ADORE it when girls turn their curly GLW or Mintymix wigs/falls into these adorable cotton candy poofs. I'm wondering how easy it is to do, and how well the style actually stays put. You see a lot of Japanese lolitas with this kind of hair, but I've never actually seen a wig pre-styled with poofy falls, sadly.

I know the general idea is to just comb out and tease, but I'd love any tips (or photos) you have. I don't want to buy an expensive wig and then ruin it. x_x

If you haven't seen this style a lot, check out Tempest Paige's Facebook photos. She's done it to a lot of her wigs, including one of the shorter, curly brown x tan Mintymix wigs, which I am now SO tempted to do.

29th-Jun-2011 07:22 pm - Braids Hairstyle
Yay I'm posting again! This time I am posting a style I came up with using 3 thin braids :)

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